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[Pictures] Apldeap at The Rose Club in London
adriph on 22-04-2012, 17:43 (UTC)
 APRIL 21TH: Apldeap was spotted arriving to The Rose Club in London, where Will.I.Am performed a DJ set.

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[News] Black Eyed Peas won ASCAP Award 2012
adriph on 22-04-2012, 17:26 (UTC)
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APRIL 22TH: The Black Eyed Peas received an ASCAP AWARD for the hit "Just Cant Get Enough" in the category “Most Performed Songs”.

The ceremony was celebrated last April 8th in Los Angeles, California.

[Pictures] Apldeap at AC Pampanga Philippines
adriph on 31-03-2012, 17:37 (UTC)
 March 30th: Apldeap made a surprise visit to a School Recognition Day, in Pampanga, Philippines.

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[Video] "Homecoming" San Miguel Pale Pilsen TV Commercial
adriph on 11-03-2012, 19:56 (UTC)
 MARCH 11TH: The new San Miguel Pale Pilsen TV Commercial was released yesterday. The storyline is a tribute to ApldeapŽs Life and his passion of cooking. Kris Aquino (TV personality) also appears on the video, same with Apls mom.

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[Pictures] San Miguel Pale Pilsen TV Ad Shoot
adriph on 10-03-2012, 07:00 (UTC)
 March 8th: Apldeap joined by Kris Aquino filmed the new commercial for San Miguel Pale Pilsen in Philippines.

The storyline starts with cooking, Apl’s favorite past time when he is not in the limelight. (His mom told the story how Apl called her up from London asking for replacement ingredients: he wanted to cook sinigang for Fergie but he couldn’t find tamarind in any grocery!) Then, like any Pinoy celebration, the affair ends with a feast.

Homecoming for me is time with my family, drinking San Miguel Pale Pilsen with my buddies, my cabalen,” said Apl, who always make it a point to come home during the holidays or Holy Week.

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[News] Apl.de.ap visits Cagayan de Oro
adriph on 10-03-2012, 06:43 (UTC)
 March 4th: Apl.de.ap was in Cagayan de Oro recently for the ground-breaking ceremony of a 2-story, 4 classroom schoolbuilding he donated for students of Balulang Elementary School.

Apldeap was warmly welcomed by students, teachers and residents at the Balulang Elementary School, which was damaged by “Sendong.” Hastily-made posters welcomed the Fil-Am international rapper to their school, while “student-disaster survivors” sang “The Power of your Love,” which put everyone in a reflective mood.

“Thank you for the warm welcome you've given me. I was touched by your song,” Apl.de.ap said in his message to the students. “Continue to dream... study hard. I was once like you. I was adopted when I was a child. Continue dreaming,” he told the students.

Balulang Elementary School sustained major damage due to Sendong's wrath. Nine of its students remain missing and presumed dead while another one was recovered. The school was submerged in six-feet deep floodwaters during the deluge last December. After the simple ground-breaking rite, Apl.de.ap gamely accepted the crowd's request for him to rap a sample of his hip-hop composition. The audience made up mostly of survivors swayed and joined Apl in his rendition of “Bebot.”

Apl.de.ap together with NCAF and PBSP, spearheads the “We Can Be Anything” Education Advocacy Campaign that helps marginalized students, youths and communities. Before leaving Cagayan de Oro on a barrowed private jet, Apl.de.ap made a wish: That is, to come back and inaugurate the school building he donated to students of the Balulang Elementary School.

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